Getting the Story of Jesus Right

This Plan will put you on track to read all 4 Gospels in 90 days, thats just one chapter a day! Check out this video from Grace UMC Pastor,Jorge Acevedo, out of Fort Meyers Florida, on why One Word: 

Thanks to Grace UMC in Fort Meyers for allowing us to use their one word plan!

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Daily Journaling Plan

  1. Before you start reading, pray and ask God to give you one word while you read.
  2. Read slowly, without rushing. If you have time, read the chapter again a second time.
  3. As you read, circle, underline, or highlight words in your Bible that connect with you.
  4. Bible reading is not just about using the intellectual part of your mind; the Bible comes alive when you read it with your imagination and the creative part of your mind.
  5. When you finish reading, write down one word (or type it in your phone) that connected with you. Keep this word with you in your wallet, purse, or pocket, so that it’s with you throughout the day.
  6. End your time with God by saying a simple prayer for the day ahead.
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